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Is it an Alien space ship ?

On the beach near the seal sanctuary there is an odd looking structure in the sea









A Bell Rung by The Rising Tide

The Time and Tide Bell is a sculpture by artist Marcus Vergetteโ€™s placed on the shoreline to the north of Mablethorpe in June 2019. It is the seventh such bell to installed around the country since the start of the project in 2009 and the only one in Lincolnshire. At high tide the waves ring the bell adding an extra dimension to the artwork.

The beach to the North of Mablethorpe is vast and entirely unspoiled. The tidal bell adds an unexpected piece of art to be discovered whilst fitting in with the natural surroundings. The project also intends for the Tide Bell to be a cataylst for other activities and just days after itโ€™s installation it was the focal point of a beach party held on the evening of the 21st of June 2019 (the longest day).