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Adtrak Cyclists Conquers London to Paris

adtrakA team of cyclists from a web design and marketing company in Nottingham recently completed a gruelling 290 mile bike ride from London to Paris in just 3 days, raising over £7000 for Ben’s Den.

The team was made of 6 cyclists, including the managing director Chris Robinson, Chris Rutter, Jenny Hackett, Rachel Briggs, Tom Nightingale and Liam Towndrow.

The first day saw the cyclists setting off at 6am to cover 87 miles, from London to Dover, with a huge hill climb up the side of the cliffs of Dover. The second day involved another early start as the cyclists had to cover almost 94 miles over hilly terrain in 28 degree heat, but they finally arrived in Amiens after 12 hours in the saddle.

On the final day the team managed to cover 60 miles before lunch, and with less than 30 miles to go to get into Paris, they thought they’d be in for an easy afternoon with just a few more hours on the road. But they were wrong! More than 5 hours later, after road closures blocked the route, a few wrong turns, a puncture and even being pulled over by the police for cycling on a dangerous road – they finally made it!

“One of the highlights of the entire ride was when we passed an infant school in a small village on the last day. We were already really tired and a bit grumpy, but as we cycled past, all the children all ran over to the fence and were smiling, waving and all cheering us on – it was an amazing experience and reminded us why were doing this and helped us to push on!” – Jenny Hackett

So far, Adtrak have raised over £7000 to help our cause, and we’re extremely grateful.But if you’re as impressed with their efforts as we are – please sponsor them to help them raise even more: